Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day

I'm finally able to post about our Father's Day!

We're having internet issues at home, and I've been back and forth with AT&T many times. We should've had access over a week ago, but it's looking like it'll be Thursday before anything happens now. So, I'm having to steal moments online wherever I can. Right now, that happens to be at my parents' house, where the boys are continuing their game from last weekend.

Speaking of that, Father's Day was really something special around here! The cast of characters here to celebrate with Wayne included my mom, me, Branden, Branden's best friend Pete, Pete's girlfriend Rachel, Branden's friend Chris, Wayne's son Clay, Clay's best friend Chris, and my best friend Lindsey. Did you catch all that? :o) Oh, and for good measure, my parents' dog Sooner, and our dogs Jock and Pepper, too!

The boys (and Rachel) played a modified version of Dungeons and Dragons, which they called Castle. It is a role-playing game with dice and little characters and a huge, awesome castle Wayne built:

Close-up of the top of the castle:

In honor of the occasion, we ordered a castle cake from Confections in Cake. Erika did an excellent job! It even brought Wayne to tears.

Every castle has to have a King and Queen, so here are ours:

Somehow, the Queen's crown made it onto the Doggy Prince, Sooner:

Here's me!

Pete and Branden, goofing around:

Me and Lindsey:

Wayne kept the crown on for a while. Here he is with Pete and Rachel, in the midst of game play:

Chris, Clay and Chris getting into the game:

Finally, it was time to cut the cake!

After a long day and lots of people, the cake was rather sad looking, being half-eaten. But boy was it delicious! It was pineapple flavored, with cherry filling (and real cherries!).

Here's a cute shot of Sooner, in his honored spot on the couch cushion. Poor Pepper really wants to come in and join the party! (Don't worry, we let him in shortly after this picture was taken).

It was a wonderful day, and Wayne told me it was his best Father's Day ever, which is exactly what we were going for. We love you, Wayne!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I figured I should post

Since I haven't been keeping up very well lately.

What have I been doing? Obviously not blogging. I've been reading...and watching movies. Mostly those two things. I'm halfway through two different books right now. Normally I hate reading more than one at a time, but circumstances forced me to. I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a week early (according to the contest schedule - see "HP Revisited" in my sidebar for more info), so I thought I'd have time to sneak in another book before beginning the next Harry Potter. I was sadly mistaken. I was only halfway through Interview with the Vampire when it came time to begin Half-Blood I put Interview on the back burner. And now, only a few days in, I'm already halfway through HBP! It's definitely a much faster read, and I'm just loving this re-reading journey I'm on!

What else have I been up to? Movies, of course! I'm just loving my Netflix subscription. It was absolutely the perfect gift from my wonderful husband. I've been taking advantage of the Watch Instantly feature to get into "The Office". Though the first season was kind of a slow start, I'm beyond hooked now, a few episodes in to the second season. I love that they're only 20ish minutes long, so I can fit an episode in here and there. And it's hilarious! I can't get over how obnoxious Dwight is, or how utterly full of himself - but in an oddly innocent way - Michael is. Can't wait to see how things develop!

Lessee...other news...Branden's recovery seems to be going well. He's still got a few months until he's back to full duty at work, but he's been going to physical therapy and doing his home exercises as well. The only setback has been him pulling his hamstring a couple of times - the first time while playing with the dogs, the second being last weekend, when he decided to be macho and race a couple of our friends in the pool. (He won, but definitely paid a price for it!)

I do have to brag on him a bit, though. Yesterday, I was having a bad day at work. To my great surprise, he met me at work to ride the bus home with me! It was such a sweet gesture, and it totally turned my day around! It's the little things that count the most sometimes, you know?

I think that's quite enough blabbering on from me today. I'll try to be a better blogger - but I've always been of the opinion that if I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say, it was better not to bother with blogging at all. However, I'm trying to balance that with the need to keep this here blog alive, so - I'll try to be better!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Worst part of the weekend: When it was over on Sunday night. :(

Best part of the weekend: Watching lots of movies! Saw 4 movies total:

Most random part of the weekend: When Branden came back from walking the dogs, and instead of starting dinner, told me to get dressed...then took me to Northpark to eat at the food court (I got Which Wich - yum!) and see "X-Men: Wolverine".

People I saw this weekend: Branden and a bunch of strangers at Northpark
Something I wished I did this weekend that I didn't get around to doing: My long-standing to-do item of printing out some wedding & honeymoon pictures for the frames we have sitting in the spare room.

Things that I am looking forward to this week: Quiet nights eating dinner w/Branden and reading "Interview with the Vampire". Hope to have it finished by the weekend. Then party Friday night, and dinner at a friend's house Saturday night.

Things that I am not looking forward to this week: Working out. And working. Pretty much anything with "work" in it.