Friday, June 15, 2012

Things my father said...

The week leading up to Father's Day has been a difficult one for me the last several years.  I've had more than one crying fit in the card aisle at the store.  I've tried to spend the time focusing on celebrating my husband, and what a wonderful father he is.  But that doesn't fill the hole in my heart left by the passing of my own father.

I think I'll forever miss celebrating Wayne on this special small way of thanking him for all the years of love he gave me.  I remember fondly taking him out to his restaurant of choice (usually Joe's Crab Shack) and digging in to some delicious seafood.  And I'll always remember our last Father's Day, which we were determined to make his best yet. 

He was treated like a King as he played castle with friends and family, and then we all enjoyed eating some of that delicious castle cake!

Hard to believe that was three years ago...

My second son, who is due five days before the 4-year anniversary of Wayne's passing, will carry on his name.  Though Thomas Wayne will never meet his Grandpa Wayne, he will hear many, many stories of the wonderful man whose name he will share.

I'll leave you with a song, which I heard for the first time at a concert less than two months before Wayne died.  Although it was written by a son for his father, I still find the emotion very applicable.