Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things that make me happy

In an effort to keep a positive outlook and stay upbeat lately, I've been focusing on the positive. Here are some things that make me happy...

1. Watching "The Office." I'm currently on Season 5, thanks to Netflix!

2. Hanging out with my Mom. We're going shopping for baby items at a big resale event tomorrow, and I can't wait!

3. Playing Guitar Hero 5 with Branden...even though I always have to play bass to his guitar. :)

4. Going to the State Fair! Doing this on Sunday, and can't wait to get to ride the train right up to the main gates!

5. Finally looking pregnant! Here I am at 17 weeks on Wednesday the 14th:

6. My birthday! On the 24th, I turn...

And finally...#7 - our Big Ultrasound on the 26th! We finally get to find out...

Let's just hope our little CityBaby cooperates and shows us the goods!


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