Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're moving!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts recently.  It's been a crazy busy month for us.  We started off with a visit from our niece Macy...then Ben got sick right after that...and then we decided to move at the end of the month!

Around the middle of the month, I was randomly searching our building's "available floorplans" page, as I do every so often, and found that they had a very intriguing two-bedroom flat coming available in July.

We've been in our current loft for 2 1/2 years now - and I've had issues with it almost from the beginning.  The floors (original 1929 hardwoods) creak, badly.  The upstairs (an open loft with only a half-wall) is hard to keep cool (unless you run the 2nd a/c unit, which then freezes you out).  It's also insanely noisy - and therein lies the biggest issue.

Branden's been working Friday and Saturday nights until 2 AM since May.  He usually doesn't make it to bed until almost 3 AM on those nights.  And once Ben wakes up and starts making noise - well, it's impossible to sleep through that when the bedroom is open to downstairs! 

So when I found this floorplan, I got excited and showed it to Branden - and then he got excited.  Fast forward about a week, and we had a deal (to keep us at our current lease rate) and a move-in date (July 2-4).  But - ack - that's THIS weekend! 

Fortunately, we're just about ready, and this is a fairly easy move anyway.  We'll just be going down four floors, so many of our things will just be loaded into the wagon and pulled down the hall, onto the elevator, and down the next hall into our new place.  We have help on Sunday, and of course the biggest help of all is my mom - who is keeping Ben for us Saturday and Sunday!

It will be my first overnight away from Ben, but I'll be so busy I won't have (too much) time to miss him.  We've got a lot of moving (and painting - Ben's room) to do in two days!

And just because I'm not much for a post without pictures - here's our old unit:

And our new one can be found here.  (I only have it in PDF format, so I couldn't upload it).


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