Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today, I am not going to worry

Today, I am not going to worry...

About all the baby weight I still need to lose...or the weight I have to lose on top of that. 50 pounds in all.

About the call I need to make to my insurance company, to sort out various claims from Ben's birth.

About the ABR hearing test Ben has tomorrow, where we'll finally get the answers we've been waiting 6 weeks for.

About the cough Ben has, that I just took him to the pediatrician for. Okay, maybe I'll worry a little, but only if his blood test comes back with less-than-positive results.

About the fact that we don't have childcare lined up for when I return to work. We're second on the waiting list, but I found out yesterday it's unlikely we'll get a spot by June 1st, the day I'm scheduled to go back.

Today, I am not going to worry. I am just going to take care of my son, and myself, and relax on the couch with a good book, and maybe later, a movie. Today, I'm taking the day off from worries.

I'm sure they'll be waiting for me tomorrow.


Amy, queen of the world. said...

Although the myth about breastfeeding causing weight loss is out there, the fact is that your body isn't ovulating while you breastfeed, so your estrogen levels are low, so your body holds on to between 5 and 15 extra pounds til you stop breastfeeding and your cycle comes back. So don't beat yourself up over extra weight. (This was written for me, too, because I'm constantly beating myself up over extra weight.)

I will be praying for Ben and his hearing test and cough... hopefully the hearing test comes back good and the cough goes away!!!!

If I lived closer, I'd so watch Ben!! I could cuddle babies all day every day. My favorite thing ever!! :) Here's hoping you find someone to watch him that you love and trust!

Christina said...

Good for you! Enjoy your worry free day. ;o) They will certainly be there for you tomorrow. Spend your time with that precious baby boy because these days are days you won't get back. I'm glad to hear you aren't going to worry!

Carie said...

Hugs! I am just a phone call away!

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