Friday, February 10, 2012

23 months, or 702 days, or 1, 010, 880 minutes

That's how long my baby has been alive.  Just one month shy of TWO years old! 

In many ways, I already think of him as a two-year-old.  The tantrums are certainly Sized Two already.  He's almost outgrown 2T clothing.  His car-seat is facing forward already (something I swore I wouldn't do until he turned 2).  And he's been in the Twos class at daycare for a month already (and he's bigger than at least half of his classmates).

But technically, there is still one more month before my baby is a two-year-old.

The birthday party plans are in full swing.  I've already ordered decor, have my menu planned out, his gift has been purchased, and invitations went out early this week.

Otherwise, we're just chug-chugging along.  It should be a pretty fun spring for us.  The weekend before his party, we're going (along with some friends of ours and their adorable daughter Emma) to see Sesame Street Live.  I've been eagerly anticipating this since we bought the tickets last fall.  When I was not much older than Ben is now, my mom took me to see Sesame Street Live.  It seems only fair that I return the favor.  :)

Then in April, we'll be going to A Day Out with Thomas.  I know my little Thomas fan will love it!

My little guy is in for so much fun in the next couple of months...and he has no idea!  :)


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