Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On raising a child in the city...

I've often thought I should find a niche for this blog. As opposed to using it simply to brag on my son, share funny anecdotes and cute pictures, that perhaps I should make my writing more focused.

Of course the name of the blog, and our unique situation, points to a pretty obvious topic.  I'm a City Mom, part of the burgeoning generation of young professionals chosing to stay in/close to the city to raise their children, rather than following the masses out into the Suburbs.

So, I'm going to do a little series of blog posts here on our experiences raising a child in the city.  I'll talk about the good, the bad, the pros and cons, and of course, why we chose and continue to choose this lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy this little foray into more serious blogging.  I'll try to make sure and sprinkle in some cute pictures of my kid, to keep Benjamin's loyal fans interested. 


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