Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recap of yesterday

Yesterday was an eventful day...

We laid my Granny Jane to rest.
It was a double-versary for Branden and I - 3 years since our first date & 1 month since our wedding.
And a new person came into the world!

We started the day off with Granny Jane's funeral. It was a nice service, though I did receive a bit of a shock when I went into the chapel and realized that it was an open-casket service. To be blunt, I'd never seen a dead person before. My mom asked if I wanted to go and say goodbye to her before the service started, but I declined. I just wasn't ready to. The service itself was nice. My uncle Jack gave a nice eulogy, and my aunt Mary's husband Darrel was the piano/vocal soloist. It was good to see Mary - she lives in Tennessee and I hadn't seen her in years. After the service, when it was our turn to go by the casket and pay our respects, I was finally ready, so I took my place in line and filed past. Branden was a great support...he held my hand while I said my goodbyes. Afterwards, there was a gathering at Jack's house for food and visiting, and I'm very glad we were able to go. We got some good visiting in, and everyone vowed that we wouldn't let so much time pass before we got together again.

After a nice nap at home, Branden and I went out to celebrate our double-versary. He took me back to the skating rink where he proposed (and where we had our first date), and I attempted to skate for a bit while he got frustrated with me for not trying harder. Then we had a hot chocolate while waiting for the bus to take us up to the Knox/Henderson area. We had dinner at Chili's (thanks to my awesome cousin Wade, who gave Branden the gift certificate for Christmas!), and it was quite yummy! It was funny watching the two babies at tables near ours "flirt" with each other throughout the meal.

And to complete the circle of life...I got news late last night that a good friend (and bridesmaid in my wedding) gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday! My BFF Lindsey and I are going to visit tonight, so I'll have pics and details later. But for now, welcome to the world, Baby Taryn!

As I said, quite an eventful day. :o)


OperaWife said...

Ah, the circle of life. I'm thrilled that you were able to experience both in one day..I think it might make dealing with loss a little easier to know that new life is always joining us. Have fun visiting Taryn (great name, btw) and hurry and post pictures of the bebe!

Smash said...

Wow - that was an eventful day! I'm glad the service went well, and you were able to depend on your husband when you needed him. How wonderful!

Can't wait to see pics of taryn!

Mariah said...

Wow. That really was a busy day. I am glad you got to say your goodbyes to your Granny. Congrats about the baby! I bet she's beautiful.
And congratulations on the 3 year and 1 month double anniversary :)

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