Monday, March 9, 2009

Burj Dubai

This is incredible.

I'm a citynerd at heart, and this building fascinates me. Skyscrapers fascinate me. The sad part of this is that I've heard rumors that they're already having trouble with the Burj Dubai, which will be the world's tallest building upon completion. The word is that there's no way there will be enough office workers and residents to fill all the space in the myriad new towers springing up in Dubai, especially the Burj Dubai. I suppose only time will tell. I'm glad GMA took the time to show a segment on this awesome building, because I have a feeling I'll never see it in person.


Christina said...

I love Dubai. It's such a beautiful place. Marcus and I talked about doing some contract work over there. Thanks for sharing this.

Carie said...

I dont like heights and that was freaking me out and I was sitting in my chair! He is a brave man! LOL

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