Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Wedding Video, and other such happenings

So we finally got our long-awaited, much-anticipated Wedding Teaser Video from the wonderful Adam Kegg w/Random Pictures Productions. He stresses that this is just a rough edit, but I'm already super excited and can't wait to get the full DVD from him, hopefully this weekend!

Feast your eyes on this...

Courtney and Branden's Wedding Highlights from Adam Kegg on Vimeo.

In other news, I've been working on Valentine's Day for Branden, and I think he's really going to enjoy it. I can't say anything else...but I'll definitely let you loyal blogreaders know how it goes after the fact!

Work is going well...I'm just swimming in numbers and spreadsheets as I continue my transition into something resembling my department's de facto liaison with Finance. It's enjoyable, but turns me cross-eyed after spending an entire day staring at Excel!

In book news, I've gotten through almost my entire stack of books I checked out at the beginning of January (basically all those residing on my shelfari over there). So far, I've really enjoyed the whole lot. Every single book I've read has captured me in one form or another. Even Marley and Me, which has gotten mixed reviews from some of my peers, really spoke to a part of me. Well, a couple parts of me - the animal lover part and the wants-to-have-a-baby part of me. I found it delightful and charming and even insightful.

My latest finish was Something Blue, which I just adored. I never thought I'd like it as much as Something Borrowed, but lo and behold - I like it even better, if that's possible! That Emily Giffin is a clever one, the way she can twist characters and make you love them even when you're not supposed to or don't want to. According to OperaWife and confirmed by Emily Giffin's website, Hilary Swank has purchased the film options to both of those books. I'm very excited to see how they turn out, but I'm really hoping she won't be starring in either of them. She doesn't really fit the image of Rachel, and she's definitely not a Darcy. I found a suggestion online that Malin Akerman would make a good Darcy, and at least from the looks of her, I'd tend to agree. No idea what her acting chops are like though, and Darcy would take some...especially going into Something Blue.

By far the meatiest of the books on my list was Water for Elephants. Whereas I feel like I'm dining on ice cream...really, really good ice cream, like the $4 pints from Ben & Jerry's (Peanut Butter Cup is my favorite). But reading WFE, I felt like I was having a really hearty meal. It wasn't a hard read, by any shade of the just felt much more substantial and meaningful. And I lurrrved it.

I think I've rambled on enough for now. Enjoy the video, and I shall blog again soon!


Carie said...

I love the video!!!

Smash said...

I'm so glad you loved WFE so much. It holds a very special place in my heart. You have to read the Time Traveler's Wife soon! :o)

Also, I know I've already said it, but I love your teaser! Do we still get to have our girly day when you get your video?

OperaWife said...

love love LOOOOOVE the video! But you knew that. :)

I am so excited at the prospect of Something Borrowed/Something Blue movies. I may or may not check IMDB from time to time to see if they've started production... ;)

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