Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I won!

I just got back from the Downtown Resident's Council meeting (the first one I've been able to attend in many months)...and I won a door prize!! There were several handed out, but I won the perfect one for me. The meeting was held at Elevation Fitness Club in the office building catty-corner to our apartment (we can see it from our kitchen window), aka Carie's building cuz that's where she works. My door prize was....a 1 month membership to Elevation and a free personal training session!!

I am really super excited about this prize, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I had already decided that March was going to be the month I got my butt back in gear about shaping up and losing weight...and then this falls in my lap! It's definitely a sign. I have no idea whether I'll continue my membership after the month is over. Dues aren't too bad, but if I'm going to pay to go workout somewhere, I'm kinda leaning towards the downtown Y, because they have a pool....something our apartment building is sadly lacking. So we'll see...a lot depends on how much I enjoy working out over there and how good their class offerings are. I can't wait though...this is beyond perfect!

And I think now that I've put it out there that I'm going to start shaping up in March...I can't back down now! That's some motivation there. :)

Along with the personal training session, we also had some wonderful and informative talks from several downtown stakeholders...including DART, Hamilton Properties, and even Jason's Deli, which just opened a location in downtown last year, and just started staying open for residents (meaning, past 5:00 PM on weekdays) a month ago. Downtown Dallas is making strides in becoming a better residential neighborhood...but we still have a long way to go. It's nice to feel like a part of something special though. And winning a nice door prize doesn't hurt, either.


Christina said...

Yay Courtney! I'm completely thrilled for you that you got this wonderful membership. That's incredible. :o) ANd I love hearing more and more about downtown becoming more of a residential neighborhood. What can I say, you and Branden are definitely rubbing off on me?

Carie said...

Congrats girl! I am thinking of joining that one but the price tag hurts..LOL

Mariah said...

Wow, that's freakin awesome!!! Let me know how it goes. "Elevation" is a really awesome name for a fitness center. It's kind of inspiring, actually!

Carie said...

Hey I gave you an award on my picture blog.
Hey lady! I gave you an award on my picture blog.

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