Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sushi & an interview

Let me just say that I love sushi. I just adore it. I cannot say enough good things about the wonderfulness that is sushi.

Even better than good sushi is having good sushi with good friends. Tonight I got to experience just that, when I met some great people out for dinner at a sushi place just a couple of blocks from my office. Incidentally, the restaurant (Sushi Sapporo) is the exact place where I lost my sushi-virginity. It was way back in the summer of 2004 (yes, I'm still relatively new to sushi, but that doesn't mean my love for it isn't pure and true and oh so strong). I met my climbing buddy, Mitzi, at that very restaurant, and she helped me through the experience. I was hooked from the very first bite. I have moved on from Mitzi, and even from climbing, but to sushi I remain true. Tonight I had salmon sushi and the jalapeno roll, my first stab at a fried roll (yum!). Oh and boy was it HOT! Loved it.
So here I am with my lovely ladies, Ashley and Christina:

In honor of the occasion, I came home and put on my sushi socks:

Yes, I have sushi socks. Doesn't everyone? I got them at Nordstrom's, with a $20 gift card I'd been carrying around for years. Finally one day, on a trip to NorthPark with my mom, I decided to try to spend it. I joked with her that the only thing I'd be able to get at Nordstrom's for $20 was a pair of socks. Well, I actually got several pairs of socks, so I guess I was a little off.
**************************SUBJECT CHANGE*****************************************
(Subtle, huh?)

Interview time! I got the following "meme" (if you've been following my blog, you'll know what that means...if not, well, it's basically a fancy word for "survey") from Smash. If you'd like me to pass along the interview meme love, just let me know and I'll think up some questions for ya. :)

1.) What is your favorite building in Dallas? I have two answers for this one. My favorite skyscraper in Dallas is Fountain Place. I love how it looks different from every angle. Oh and the fact that it was designed by I.M. Pei doesn't hurt, either.

My "other" favorite building in Dallas, for sentimental reasons, is the Old Red Courthouse, where we got married. Yes, I'm shamelessly using this question to show off yet another wedding picture. I'm proud of sue me.

2.) What is the best thing about being married, so far? The worst? Best thing so far is the security in knowing I have a husband...someone who loves me enough to commit his life to me. That is an amazing feeling. The worst is trying to live up to my own standards of what a good wife is. I wonder if I'll ever get there! But there's no harm in trying, right?
3.) What is your favorite tv show of all time? I'm really struggling to come up with an "all time" favorite. I have a few that I really like, but none that seems to absolutely come out on top. My favorite game show is Press Your favorite reality show is Amazing favorite sitcom is probably Friends, or maybe Sex and the City (or is that more of a drama?) favorite currently airing drama would have to be Grey's Anatomy...and my favorite guilty pleasure show is Gossip Girl (though I'm still on season 1).
4.) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you do for a living? I would live in NYC and run an organic/earth friendly baby boutique. I think that would be awesome.
5.) When you make a sandwhich, do you cut it into triangles or in half? Actually neither. I just put it together and start eating it! The sandwich I had for lunch was cut in half diagonally, so I guess that's triangles, but not quartered...but that was a Jason's Deli sandwich, so that doesn't count.


Mariah said...

Wow. So yeah...glad you had fun. And I definitely see how it is. Thanks.

Christina said...

I can totally see your favorite building my office window.

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